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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  July 7, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> super hot today. short walks. no dog outside. and we went to see a play. >> just staying inside and drinking a lot of water. >> record-breaking heat today and no real letup tomorrow. good evening, everyone. i'm matt jablow in tonight for bruce johnson. temperatures are once again expected to approach 100
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degrees tomorrow, and tonight there's also the strong possibility of severe thunderstorms. we have team coverage of the heat wave with crews and reports from across the region, because in the extreme heat and the severe storms expected on sunday, the 9 news weather team has declared tomorrow a severe weather alert day. let's begin with anny hong on the weather terrace. >> still hot. temperatures feeling like over 100 degrees at this hour. and it is 11:00. here's a look at our heat index values for this hour. 102 is what it feels like in downtown. that's just crazy. andrews air force base 95. annapolis 96. cumberland, it feels like 91 degrees. fredericksburg also still very warm on this evening. hey, we set some new records today. the record at downtown getting up to 105. that means the old record of 102 is out of there. baltimore also setting a new record at 103. dulles tying at 101. we are one degree shy of tying
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for the all-time hottest temperature recorded in d.c. doppler radar, the immediate d.c. area quiet but north and northeast of us saw some thunderstorms go through. some of those were severe but most in the pennsylvania area. tomorrow, though, i think we'll see more scattered showers and thunderstorms. got a cold front coming through coming from the north dipping south to us that could trigger some severe weather. we are under a risk for some strong thunderstorms tomorrow and severe. main thrust being damaging winds and hail with a slight risk for the entire d.c. metro area. overnight, fairly quiet but still warm. partly cloudy and muggy. only a slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm. lows will be 75 to 80 degrees. winds will be light. we'll talk more about the storms for tomorrow and the timing of it a little bit later. back to you, matt. >> anny, we will see you in a bit. right now there are still customers in the area without power, though not all the
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existing outages are related to last week's storm. pepco is reporting 100 customers in the dark. bge has 200 customers out in montgomery and prince george's counties and dominion power has 525 customers without power in northern virginia. you would think the extreme heat would keep people indoors with the air-conditioning, but that was not the case today in many parts of our area. people hit the streets all across washington despite all the warnings and were left having to come up with clever ways to stay cool. ken molestina joins us live at georgetown waterfront where keeping cool is the name of the game tonight. ken? >> reporter: you know, matt, it's not getting any cooler. i checked my temperature on the smart phone a couple of minutes ago. it's 95 degrees out here and it's 11:00 at night. over all the area people are having to deal with this record breaking heat. the sun has been gone for hours but the temperatures here near the georgetown waterfront are
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still unbearable, and everyone knows it. >> 100 degrees. >> reporter: so for these kids and even some adults, the only way to stay cool was a soaking in the fountain. >> but at least today is very hot. >> reporter: earlier in the day, people throughout the national mall who showed up to the folk life festival dealt with the brunt of the heat. many spent the day cooling off in misting stations, the heat enough to make visitors to washington cringe. >> it seems we are melting or something. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: and just when you thought things couldn't get any hotter, the smithsonian community museum put together a go-go show on the mall honoring none other than chuck brown. >> it was 105 degrees out here. i think good turnout for what we know as the godfather of go go. >> reporter: the show grout dozens of people under a tent for dancing and singing on stage and on the floor. no relief from the heat here
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though. only thing cool at this concert was the sounds of go-go itself. >> the music is very accessible. >> reporter: a live look at the people out here in the georgetown waterfront trying to stay cool. i spoke to a lot of folks earlier today saying they're hoping for cooler temperatures tomorrow. we're live in georgetown, ken molestina, 9 news now. >> thank you. excessive heat warnings in effect for the entire region with temperatures expected to climb near the triple digits again tomorrow. that means there's a high risk for heat exhaustion or other illnesses for anyone outdoors or places without air- conditioning. how are people coping with the heat this weekend? >> very hot. yeah. over 100 degrees today. >> i just went shopping for three hours. that was how i was staying cool. but too hot to even sit at the pool. >> going to try to wear as less
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clothing as possible. >> stay inside. >> we cope without electricity. i guess the heat is terrible. >> reporter: cooling stations have been opened across the region to help people battle the heat. to find out exactly where they are, go to our website, well, while most people in the area thankfully do have power tonight, there are still as we told you earlier some people in the dark and without air-conditioning. surae chinn toured several neighborhoods today in montgomery county and has that part of the story tonight. >> it was quite miserable. >> reporter: gary conway got his power out wednesday but this morning they're out again on pile road in bethesda. >> today i went to the market and stuffed the fridge back, because i had thrown everything out, and low and behold, the power is out again. my wife said it's like living in a third world country. >> reporter: he waited eight days for pepco crews to visit his home. >> why we don't have power here now? >> reporter: if it hadn't been
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for his wife flagging pepco down, they might still be in the dark in record heat. >> this morning, called them three times. >> this guy come, it's not because of our phone call. it's because i saw him. i called him over and said do you know we have no power? he said no. and they said they have to call the manager to verify they can work on my house. >> reporter: all of their neighbors had power since monday. they told them the problem had been a loose wire. crews spent 15 minutes to fix it before they got their power back. >> pretty happy. finally come back home. and you know, go back to my life. >> in southeast country, they have typhoon. usually they may lose power for 3, 4, 5 days. this 8 days without power, never heard. not try to be just -- how do you say, too much, too
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negative. >> reporter: pepco crews have been busy restoring power to the last 100 people in montgomery county. you can expect those numbers to fluctuate throughout the weekend because of the heat. in bethesda, surae chinn, 9 news now. >> pepco says some of the last repairs and restorations will be single customer outages despite the fact that most people now have power again, pepco plans on keeping the out of state crews brought in at least through tomorrow. well, speaking of hot, the nats have had a fantastic first half of the season and it just got better. dave owens is here to tell us about the team's latest bit of good news. >> you almost couldn't script this thing any better. geo gonzalez has been brilliant and bryce harper has been as good as advertised. wait, men, there's more. harper learning immediately after today's game that he's going to the all-star game in kansas city. you remember, he was on the outside looking in. didn't get enough fan votes. he was graceful and humble
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about that, even saying others should be picked ahead of him. but the youngster gets in because miami's carlos stinten has a knee injury. he becomes the youngest position player ever to make the team. here's what he had to say after the game. quote, i don't have words to explain it right now. i'm excited to get there and be around all of the top guys in the country, of course, and the top guys in baseball. he continued by saying i'm going to take it all in and try to enjoy it with my family and just be as mellow and calm as i can. good for him. you heard me say youngest position player ever. he's the third youngest overall. only dwight gooden and bob feller made the team at a younger age. >> thank you, dave. we'll see you in ten minutes. still ahead tonight on 9 news now, a special day for one member of congress. >> this is a wonderful marriage and two great people, and so i'm just thrilled to be here. >> the first sitting u.s.
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congressman in a same sex marriage. we'll have the story and the latest on metro's green line after friday's derailment and what that means for the rest of the weekend. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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>> congressman barney frank said i do today to his longtime
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partner jim reedy. the massachusetts democrat became the first sitting u.s. congressman to be involved in a same-sex marriage. the couple exchanged vows at a suburban boston hotel for family and friends, as well as former nancy po loss polasky and some of the congressmen. >> i think it's a great day for this country to recognize civil ceremony is a wedding ceremony and he and his partner have been together for sometime. this is an opportunity for them to do what so many others have been free to do for years and years in this country. >> for those of us who have known barney for a long time and consider him a treasured friend, this is a day to celebrate. this is a wonderful marriage and two great people. i'm thrilled to be here. >> the 72-year-old frank has been an openly gay congressman since the 1980's. he met the 42-year-old reedy at a political fund-raiser in
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2007. frank is retiring from congress at the end of his current term. here at home, metro says it will be monday before normal services are restored to the green line. a metro rail car derailed friday afternoon. metro says the extreme heat caused pieces of rail to miss a line causing the derailment. three shuttle buses are operating. metro says passengers should allow an extra 30 minutes of travel time. fire investigators say a propane grill in somebody's apartment is to blame for a four-alarm fire that displaced nearly 100 residents. the fire started thursday night in a third floor unit at the woodbridge station apartments on eisenhower circle. they quickly spread to an adjoining building. both buildings have been condemned tonight. three firefighters were taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion. we're not the only ones coming from the extreme heat. just ahead, we'll find how
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neighborhoods are coping all across the country. and we need to get ready for a hot sunday. we have an update. stay with us. ♪
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introducing fios quantum. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. excessive heat continues to grip not only the washington
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area but the midwest and the northeast coast from new york to philadelphia. drew levinson has details. >> reporter: people from the midwest to the east coast sweated through another blistering day. >> i'm completely drenched, and i've been out two hours. >> reporter: saturday, temperatures in many places soared in triple digits. in philadelphia, it was 100 degrees. st. louis, 106. in washington, d.c. where they set a record for july 7th, the mercury topped 105 degrees. >> when i came out of the air and space museum, i never felt heat like it. it went right through me. >> reporter: this heat wave has health officials very concerned. the new york health department has urged its residents to avoid staying outside too long. and asked them to look in on their neighbors, especially the elderly. in chicago, authorities say a 64-year-old woman apparently dropped dead from heat exhaustion inside her apartment. the heat is blamed for at least
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30 deaths. an air conditioner give away brought relief in charlotte. >> it's been about 100 something in my house. and i've been miserable. >> reporter: in west virginia, police and firefighters hand out water and ice to people who have been without electricity for nearly a week due to storms thatraced through the area. in new york, some sought refuge in city fountains. debra tried to lick the heat with ice cream. saturday night storms started moving in. forecasters say they'll help bring temperatures back down to lower levels. >> anny hong joins us now. i see the temperatures are heading in the right direction, dhown. >> we'll get there eventually but first the threat of some severe weather tomorrow. we're talking big storms possibly. people are on edge after last
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friday's storms but the atmosphere not as unstable tomorrow compared to last friday. still though we could see impressive storms come through tomorrow afternoon as a cold front comes this way. our numbers, the heat index feels like 102 in downtown. 96 in annapolis and 88 for cumberland, lower 90s up in hagerstown. so it is still a very warm night out there. the actual temperature is 91 degrees. they have a few clouds that moved in. the dew point, look at that. 75. that is just oppressive humidity. our doppler for the d.c. area is quiet but we saw activity northeast of us and north of the pennsylvania, some severe thunderstorms going on through. and those have now all expired. we are still seeing some more active weather for tomorrow. right now temperatures, check this out. the hottest number here in phoenix 104. guess who's second? us. 91 degrees in downtown in d.c. we are seeing some of the highest numbers in the country as far as the heat's concerned.
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now, the satellite radar picture showing us we're going to have a cold front come in from the north and dip south. that will trigger some showers and thunderstorms especially by the afternoon tomorrow. and the atmosphere still is a bit unstable with that cold air clashing with the warm, humid air. sunday, big storms possible. keep that in mind as you're going throughout your day tomorrow. afternoon scattered showers and thunderstorms. the critical time generally being around 1:00 to 9:00 p.m. for more active weather. that's not to say we can see showers before and after outside of that critical time. 1:00 to 9:00 p.m. monday, we're looking to be cooler and still a bit unsettled, but not too concerned about severe weather on monday. here's a look at your 9 futurecast. keep your eye on the clock. sunday morning plenty of sunshine to start off the day. a very warm and muggy start once again. afternoon, things start to act up. we'll see scattered showers and storms. the biggest threat being damaging wind gusts and also some pockets of hail.
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monday morning also could see showers and also a couple of thunderstorms for the afternoon. but you'll notice the temperature going down on monday, thanks to that cold front going through tomorrow. overnight, partly cloudy and muggy, only slight chance for shower or thunderstorm north of town. low, 75 to 80 degrees. tomorrow morning, we are under a severe weather alert day because the storms warm and muggy. air quality is code orange. unhealthy for our sensitive groups. for the afternoon, scattered showers and storms, some strong or severe. >> temperatures topping out well above the average high of upper 80s. we're going to go with 98 in downtown, 97 in gaithersburg and 97 rockville. 96 in gaithersburg, and 99 in arlington. here's your next three days. red alert for sunday, upper 90s. big storms. monday, yellow alert. cooler but showers and storms, mid-80s. tuesday also looking to still be unsettled. check out your next seven days. the good news is once we get through tomorrow's big storms, we cool down finally.
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we're talking 80s starting on monday all through next week, even into saturday looks like. we're looking to be a little bit unsettled each day next week. but we'll take that relief. tomorrow, come to our website, we will keep you updated on the latest with those storms. >> anny, thank you very much, coming into the season, the request is whether or not bryce harper would live up to expectations. i think he answered those questions. >> definitively. on pace to win 98 games. i know what you're saying, dave owens, hold your horses. i get it. but the vibe, super positive. heading to kansas city, we'll tell you how. gonzalez making the trip, too. rockies can't stop him and neither can the heat. team usa heading to washington, d.c. we'll show you when and where. serena does it again. ♪
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>> all right, many words were used to describe bryce harper before he hit the major leagues. some weren't so pleasant. cooky, brash, a little -- cocky, brash. but he's respectfully played the game the way it's supposed to be played. you can add all-star selection among his many accomplishments in his young career. he was at it today after stanton had to bow out because of a bad knee. harper has been humble about
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all this stuff, even saying fans should vote for others, but he's in. his manager said, hey, kid, no vacation for you. >> it's such a great honor, and you know, you can't say no unless you need the rest. and he's up for it. >> he was up for it to the game. rockies in town. that's geo hasn't lost since june 15th. adam laroche, great reflexes making the catch. nice snow cone. he and desmond also pitching in this afternoon. not going to play in the all- star game because of a bad oblique, but he does his damage there. 16th home run of the season. career high. 1-0 nats. in the sixth, they activate ryan zimmerman. that made it 3-1. in the sixth, this is the kind of season it's been for the nats. ball gets away from the catcher. great jump to second and
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harper, the all-star, come on down. nats win number 49. afterwards geo was asked how he beat the heat. >> i didn't get an i.v. absolutely not. i think it would be insulting to our latin heritage. so if i told them that, they would be pretty mad. so definitely not. >> a bunch of tall, really talented guys will be in town next week, and it won't be me. u.s. olympic men's basketball team will practice on the campus of george washington university. then a day later, both the men and women's team will play an exhibition at the verizon center against brazil. today the final roster was announced. you guessed it, kobe, lebron, carmelo anthony and kevin durante headlined the team. injuries preventing several players from participating, but melo and durante say they're there and the team they have is good enough. >> the guys we have now are
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very versatile. we're looking forward to bringing everybody together and going over there and having some fun. >> a lot of guys here are greedy. we want to continue to pile on the wins and gold medals. you know, everybody, you know, there's only one option for us. so we've got to come out here and try to get it. >> all right, good for him. great guy, kevin durante. kobe, lebron, durante, chris paul, darren williams also on the team. tyson chandler, kevin love, russell westbrook and blake griffin, james harden and andre. to tennis in and out, cut foot, blood cloots in her lungs, those have been the formidable of serena williams the last year or so. the women who faced her on the court the last couple of weeks not so formidable. making an incredible return the
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last couple of weeks. blowing her opponent out in the first set 6-1. then a rain delay and coming back, getting a little confidence, winning set two. in the third, williams steadying herself and bringing it home. it has been a long road back for her. >> i almost didn't make it a few years ago. i was in the hospital. now i'm here again, and this is so worth it. i'm so happy. i never dreamed of being here again and being so down. never give up. you can continue. >> quite a journey. those five titles ties her sister, venus. don't forget the d.c. area can see the wimbledon champ in person as the series begin this week. she makes an appearance on the 22nd. venus comes to town on the 16th. finally, greenbriar classic in west virginia. neither tiger nor phil mickelson making the cut. one man who did, though,
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simpson. there's your u.s. open champ dropping it. wins a two stroke led heading into the final round. what a day. serena winning, bryce harper. big sports day. >> those serves from serena. >> hard not to root for her. what a story. >> after all she's been through. after the storms tomorrow, still hot tomorrow. upper 90s. the critical time i think for storms will be 1:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. watch out for some damaging winds. >> all right, anny, thank you very much. thank you for watching. you can get updates on our website any time, have a great night. we'll see you right back here tomorrow.
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